Join us as we rally for an end to senseless gun violence.


We are a group of concerned citizens from the East Bay area, and our goal is to ensure the safety of human life from gun violence. The increasing presence of mass shootings and everyday tragedies resulting from both intentional and accidental shootings is not a normal part of society and shouldn't be accepted as such. As citizens facing down an immense societal problem, it's easy to forget that we have the power to enact change.

But we do have the power to enact change.

We are organizing to encourage others to stand up and use this power. Through our rally, we hope to

  • Increase and further the discussion on how to enact change within our legislative system, and
  • Open discussion across party lines to address the issue of gun safety

The change we are working to enact is not a matter of legal definitions and interpretations, but rather a stance to support general safety of lives.  It is important to acknowledge that this is an issue that can only be concluded via support from all and open discussion. This is not a battle for dominance against each other, this is a fight for our lives. 



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